FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE, includes expelling solid hair follicles from giver zone on the scalp (generally at the back of the head where the hairs are copious) and uniting them into the uncovered or diminishing territory.

FUE can give extremely characteristic outcomes since singular hair follicles are expelled, just little, alarms which are for all intents and purposes not noticeable and post-careful torment and uneasiness is limited. Patients can come back to work the following day. The strategy is extremely compelling and has no symptoms.

The hairs on the scruff proceed to develop and they don’t drop out. The foundations of these hairs are unexposed to the ruinous effects of hormones. Accordingly, it is conceivable to take sound foundations of hairs from a scruff and to transplant them to the bare territory of a head. Along these lines, they will develop for all your life a similar path developed on the scruff. By utilizing the FUE strategy we can remove hairs from your body, chest, leg, back, and facial hair.

Hair Transplant in Rawalpindi/Islamabad


No join, no direct scars, no silly in beneficiaries site, no swelling at confront, no trim in skin, no trim of blood veins, benefactor region isn’t imperiled, un-influenced adaptability of skin, various time probability of hair transplantation and distress is limited.


FUE can give you extremely regular outcomes. The preferred standpoint over strip collecting is that FUE reaping nullifies the requirement for vast zone of scalp tissues to the gathered, so there is no direct cut on the back of the head and it doesn’t leave a liner scar. Recuperation from FUE is inside seven days.

 Miniaturized scale INJECTOR


Miniaturized scale Injectors are dispensable and give a denser look of hairs at your bare territory. A characteristic edge (30-45 degree) of hair follicles is given to your bare territory it is just conceivable by utilizing Micro Injector for close/thick manor which gives regular skip to your hairs. Post careful torment and inconvenience is limited. By numerous long periods of research our specialists designed new innovation in hair transplant (Micro Injector). By utilizing dispensable injectors and FUE devices. We guarantee finish disinfection and take out any danger of cross transmission of transferable infections. This is the most refreshed innovation accessible for people of any age. Miniaturized scale Injector sets aside too brief period for transplant the hair follicles to “beneficiary site”. Hence, your most follicular units move toward becoming transplanted and no swelling shows up at your face. That is the reason we utilize Micro Injector.


For all intents and purposes it takes three months. Following six to nine months transplanted hair will be completely develop and will keep on growing forever time. The hairs on the scruff proceed to develop and will don’t drop out. The foundations of these hairs are unexposed to the dangerous effects of hormones. In this way, it is conceivable to take sound underlying foundations of hairs from the scruff and to transplant them to the uncovered zones of the head. Consequently, they will develop for all your life an indistinguishable path from they developed on the scruff.


FUT(Follicular Unit Transplant) OR Strip gathering

Strip gathering is an old and most regular system that moves portion of skin from “giver site” and after that sewed up the skin to bare region of the body known as the “beneficiary site”. This hair transplant technique is called FUT or Strip Harvesting. Strip collecting leaves a “pencil thin” direct scar in the giver zone. Hindrances of FUT are uncovered zone end up silly up to nine months, lessening of skin adaptability, giver zone turns out to be short, around 1500 hair follicles harms amid dismember, excruciating agony and remaining hair falls after some time by trimming of veins.



Hair substitution framework is non careful male pattern baldness arrangement. Hair Skill has a reasonable, non careful male pattern baldness answer for you. Hair aptitude can enable you to reestablish your hairs and certainty. Wig offer a moment all finished hair substitution arrangement. We need you to have ravishing hair. The quality and excellence of our pieces (wings) take into account staggering outcomes and giving the presence of your own characteristic hairs. We give a complimentary counsel in a private room by a prepared fitter. Our wigs are 100% common human hair.


There are different techniques for connection. Wigs can be connected by utilizing tape, cuts, or a fluid glue and can be expelled whenever or left on for one month on end by utilizing the best possible glue. Wigs can be the most appropriate to people encountering alopecia, tumor medicines and searching for brisk change to their flow style.

PRP(platelet rich plasma)


Our blood plasma (PRP) contain dynamic development factors which can advance hair development. PRP treatment is utilized hair rebuilding for better development of hair. With a needle, your own blood plasma (PRP) is infused into the scalp. It is an injectable treatment which utilizes the patient’s own blood. PRP system utilized for the treatment of hair diminishing. PRP hair reclamation is reasonable for people. PRP is an energizing non careful restorative choice for patients who require incitement of hair development for male pattern baldness conditions. The main role of utilizing PRP in hair reclamation is to empower latent or recently embedded hair follicles into a dynamic development stage. PRP contain basic proteins that empower normal hair development. The treatment can likewise be joined with hair transplant. PRP is demonstrating great outcomes in switching male pattern baldness. The general population who have lost all hair can’t experience this treatment as it doesn’t help developed new hair. It can just make the current diminishing hair thicker by reinforcing the hair follicles.